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About Zenitron Luminaires Pvt. Ltd

Company Introduction

Zenitron Luminaires Pvt. Ltd. Is driven by passion and creativity. The aim is to create value for all stakeholders through a process that focuses on delivering excellent products complemented with personalized services. Zenitron Luminaires has stood for manufacturing Architectural Lighting Fixtures that are commercially viable, architecturally outstanding and structurally sound. Attention to detail, aesthetics and international design concepts and innovations have created spaces that uphold unparalleled quality and reflect timelessness.

Founded in 1984 Zenitron Electronics, now known as Zenitron Luminaires Pvt. Ltd. has

  • More than 200 clients in commercial, retail, residential and hospitality sector
  • Awarded “Leading Manufacturer of Architectural Lighting Fixtures”
  • Manufacturing set up spread in 10000 sq.ft. that includes in house testing lab and machine workshop
  • Team of experienced professional deployed for research, production, quality, dispatching...

Our Company Values

Honouring the rights, privacy, dignity, entitlements and diversity of all associated with us, at all times. Respect is the fundamental value that is non comprisable for us. Treating others the way you want to be treated is the simplest said statement to express ‘respect’. We dealing fairly and openly with our stakeholders at all levels

Quality, to us means using our full potential to deliver work through experienced team of professionals that matches the need of the hour. We believe in continually improving our systems and products to establish unmatched standards in the industry.

Remaining committed to promises made, even during the adverse times is what becomes instrumental for the success of our passionately driven business. We are committed towards not only our clients and vendors, but, also our team and ourselves.

We centre our research and execution to match perfectly to the requirement of the client. Relationships are of great value to us; hence we focus to understand the needs and concerns of the associates, hence assisting them with the best suited solution.

Our business is driven by passion and it excites us to continuously explore creativity in designing and developing new product range. Our team works to identify existing or potential challenges and works with a thought never thought before, with a user friendly solution focused approach.



Values & Vision Statement