Our Story

Our Story

A young man with a vision, bred in a mainframe service class family dared to step out of his comfort zone. He ventured into the uncharted terrain of the business world to accomplish his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Over the course of years, his hobby for manufacturing creative and unique lights, metamorphosed into passion for excellence.

This is the story of Mr. Sanjeev Dang. This is the story of Zenitron Luminaries Pvt. Ltd. of today and the Zenitron Electronic of yesterday.

From where it all started

A fresh postgraduate in Applied Electronics, Mr. Dang immediately received a job offer in a TV factory after completing his education in 1980. With his eyes set on the ulterior aim of starting his business someday, he accepted to work as an intern in the company instead of accepting a full-time job offer. What followed is an audacious journey on the calm seas with occasional turbulent storms that seasoned the company into becoming a nationwide brand today.


The First Step Of The Journey

With a clear vision of establishing a brand, the Founder of Zenitron Luminaries started exploring the world of electronics by becoming a helper to a TV Servicing Technician in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Carrying the baggage of transferable skills, he reached Delhi to assist another technician for a few months. With the mere investment of accumulated knowledge (no money), he tried his luck with his own TV Repairing shop. Despite this, his heart always told that he could do something bigger and better to make the most of his skills.



Starting with Tape Recorders

After closing his operations, Mr. Dang invested his time in weeks of research. The Tape Recorder industry seemed like an alluring business choice. Ultimately, he started working in this industry to learn better about tape recorders.


Making Tough Choices

With no money in his pocket, Mr. Dang sold his father’s precious gift to him, the Sanyo 2-in-1 car for Rs. 4500. With this money, he started a brand ‘Danbro’ through which he assembled Tape Recorders. Mr. Dang treated the glass half full (despite having minimal knowledge of the business world) by implementing innovative ideas to stand out in the industry and establish the brand.



Becoming a Top 300 Among 15000

After hustling for months, Mr. Dang applied for an Industrial Plot in 1983. It was a furious competition with 15k people for 300 plots. After 2 arduous rounds of interviews, Mr. Dang was selected with 299 others, solely based on merit.

1984 to 1987

Naming of Zenitron

During this period, he kept on churning and implementing unique ideas, keeping the clients and customers happy. In this phase, Mr. Dang decided to create a brand name for his company. Thus, ‘Zenitron Electronics’ was born.

Consequently, he bagged a deal to work as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of a leading company in the Gift Novelties sector. While providing creative electronics for the company, Zenitron also started working as the OEM of Sylvania Laxman.



Family Support

In 1987, Mr. Dang got married. Soon, Zenitron started getting inundated with good luck in the form of new business opportunities. His wife stood as a pillar of strength with her great business acumen that came from her father who was a great businessman. She actively supported the business from its establishment till the expansion with her capabilities to attract success.


Zenitron's Commitment To The Lighting Industry

With the birth of his daughter, Mr. Dang’s business was finally blessed with the right direction. After years of trying his luck with different businesses, he ultimately realized his ulterior goal - working in the Lighting Industry.



Graph of Growth

Zenitron started working as supplier of transformers to many leading lighting brands. Braving the rough waters of complaints and doubts from client side, Mr. Dang manufactured lights for showcasing. This venture into the world of creativity created a boom in the lighting industry. Soon, clients started placing orders for lights designed exclusively by Mr. Sanjeev Dang.

DR’S light in Zenitron’s Product Basket today is the renamed version of the highly successful ‘Flamingo’ lights of yesterday. Mr. Dang was inundated with the requests for many innovative light designs, some of which were Fix Recess and Camera Recess. With this, he was introduced to the world of ‘dies’ which is Zenitron’s treasure in today’s time.

During this time, Zenitron Electronics also moved from a Home Workshop to a rented premise in a semi industrial area.

1993 to 1998

Exploring Other Opportunities

With the birth of his son, fortune showered once more in Mr. Dang’s professional life. IT was time for him to buy his 1st shop in Bhagirath, the wholesale electrical market in Delhi. He hired an expert professional for running the shop while successfully concentrating on his factory.

In 1995, finally he created a new brand ‘Mystique,’ that became the talk of the town in no time.




Zenitron Electronics finally owned a place for establishing its factory. Mr. Dang started working with more companies, participating in exhibitions, and networking with more people.


Zenitron & Imports

Zenitron stepped into the world of imports and worked for 3 years before ending its successful run.

While Mr. Dang was engaged in the expansion of business, his wife actively managed the existing operations of the company. Inspired by the dedication and passion of his parents, Mr. Dang’s son started experimenting with the design of products.



Surviving Competition Like a Pro

Mr. Dang joined hands with his friend to start Luz Light Design Studio Pvt. Ltd. Before we knew it, the name spread in the markets like wildfire. The name of Luz Design Studio become synonymous with out-of-the-box and futuristic lighting solutions.

In the following years, Zenitron faced tremendous competition from cheap imported products. During these tough days, Mr. Dang’s vision helped Zenitron stay afloat. He started inventing more innovative products to sail through the rough times.

2005 to 2008

Braving the Rough Waters

Mr. Dang’s father once told him, “It is no longer the resources that limit your decision, it is the decision that creates resources.” This statement changed him as a man, and it became the mantra of his life.



Zenitron's Futuristic Vision

The introduction and popularity of LED lamps turned the tables. Zenitron immediately adopted the technology for rivalling the environmentally harmful CFLs and did it much better than other electric companies.


LED Manufacturing

Zenitron’s versatility and creativity pushed it towards an LED Manufacturing boom stage. Clients knew where to turn for satisfying the dynamic requirements of their clients. Many local and Chinese companies started copying our products, and Mr. Dang maintained his silence on that because he knew that the creators lead the followers, always.

With a commitment to quality and adaptability towards dynamic market, He kept on inventing new products while offering customization to cater the need of end users.

To prepare his son for the future, Mr. Dang sent him to London for completing his education.



The Next Generation

After receiving his Master’s degree from London, it was time for Mr. Dang’s son Ekansh to return to India for contributing his knowledge to the family business. The interest of his cousin Shrey Kapur in the lighting industry inspired and encouraged him to give his best. With the exclusive training Shrey received from Mr. Dang and Ekansh’s knowledge, was born a successful lighting studio. Their collaboration resulted in many successful projects.

This proved to be an intense, on ground, learning experience for Zenitron’s 2nd generation led by Shrey and Ekansh. While Mr. Dang continued to focus on the manufacturing unit, the duo joined him to manage marketing and operations of Zenitron.


Surviving the Pandemic & Future Vision

The pandemic fuelled Mr. Dang’s vision in the direction of reality. The expansion plan was ready and the resources were available. Grabbing the opportunity of halted global operations due to COVID-19, Zenitron moved its manufacturing unit to Gurgaon in a bigger setup.

This catapulted the company in the direction of revamping with a fresh business vision and a fresh desire for excellence.

Zenitron relooked the targets to level up and strategized to raise the bar in the business. This marks the beginning of a New Era with Fresh Ideas & Bold Creativity!